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Tesla Model 3 vehicles on a curved road

Find your perfect EV.
Drive it with total confidence.



Switching to an EV can feel like a challenge.

Research takes hours and hours

Skip the hours and days it takes to research, compare, test drive, and talk to dealerships.

First-time owners make costly mistakes

Cure the range anxiety, master the methods of charging, and avoid the pitfalls facing first-time EV owners.

Buyer's remorse can hit hard

Feel amazing about your choice from that first second behind the wheel and for years down the road.

The best way to switch to an EV

A Rivian R1T pickup on a dirt road


Find your perfect EV

I find the perfect EV for you. You learn the three best models that match your lifestyle, needs, and budget. Sovo EV Consulting uses a unique criteria to save you time and put you on the right road to the perfect EV.


Drive without worry

I make sure your switch to an electric vehicle is exciting and effortless. Take the stress and guesswork out of buying and owning an EV with a one-on-one consultation. Replace your worry with total confidence.


Become an EV pro

I teach you the important differences between an EV and other vehicles. You don't have to make the same common mistakes of most first-time EV owners. Get driving with confidence from day one of ownership.


I want you to love your EV.

I understand and have felt the uncertainty and frustration of switching to an electric vehicle. There are a lot of options and a lot of factors that influence which model is best for you. I've spent hundreds of hours behind the wheel of many major models from Tesla, Rivian, Ford, Genesis, and more. I also come from ten years designing delightful customer experiences and have a lifelong passion for automotive. I want you to love EVs, too! And I can help you avoid hours of researching, test driving, debating, and trial and error. I’d rather you enjoy the open road instead of dread the unknown. I bought my first EV five years ago and I made a lot of mistakes before and after that purchase. Even after weeks of researching, reading forums, watching videos, and comparing specs, I still was second-guessing myself. But I also became obsessed with how amazing EVs are to drive and found that they are much easier to own and operate than traditional vehicles (once you know the differences).

Portrait of John Bills

Get the one-on-one help you need

White Porsche Taycan
EV Starter


Already have your perfect EV picked out? Schedule a one-on-one session where I teach you the EV essentials so you can drive and charge with total confidence. You also receive an expertly designed EV cheat sheet—one printed to keep in your vehicle and the other digital—to help you remember what you learn.

EV Finder


Find your perfect EV. Join me for a one-on-one session where we go through my unique criteria to determine which EVs will fit you best based on your lifestyle, needs, and budget. Then we meet up again after I do my research. I present the three best EVs for you. You also receive an expertly designed summary report with your custom results.

EV Master


Your fast track to becoming an EV expert. You receive everything from EV Starter and EV Finder, plus another class to learn advanced EV knowhow. You receive a summary guide of this course, too. Then once you've purchased your EV of choice, I'll help you set it up, learn its features, and customize settings in a one-on-one session.



"Thanks to John and Sovo, there's no way I'm ever going back to gas cars. EVs are just so much better. I totally get it now."

Teri, microbiologist

Hyundai Ioniq 5 N drifting around a turn at race track

3 simple steps to effortless EV ownership

Become totally EV-ready in no time.


Schedule a free 15-minute call with me.


Answer a few questions to determine your EV needs.


Purchase and schedule the right level of assistance.

Make your first EV unforgettable

Making the switch to an electric vehicle and finding the EV model that’s perfect for you should be easy, effortless, and exciting. But how do you know which one to buy? EVs can feel unfamiliar, plus more models are launching all the time. EVs are definitely the future. The electric revolution is here and I can help you make the leap to a more sustainable vehicle. If you haven't experienced it already, getting behind the wheel of an EV is next-level driving. The soul of automotive is definitely not dead! When I purchased my first EV five years ago, I had to invest hours of research to find what was available, what worked with my budget, how I was going to charge, and how I was going to travel. After thousands of miles behind the wheel of dozens of EV models, I began helping others find their first EV, but minus the growing pains I endured. If you’re worried that EV tech isn’t ready for daily use, that switching to an EV feels like too much work, or if you're excited to find an EV but need a starting point, then a fifteen-minute call with me will lead to major peace of mind for you. With ten years of designing customer experiences, I am here to make sure you have an effortless and enjoyable EV journey. So save yourself the time, quickly gain the confidence to travel electric, and skip over the buyer’s remorse and first-time mistakes of EV ownership.

A Genesis GV60 on a road in a forest
Image by Hyundai Motor Group

The top 10 EVs in the US

Whether you schedule with me or not, I still want to help you out and help get more EVs on the road. Download this free spec sheet of the current best-selling EVs in the United States. You'll get price points and key info like range, charging speeds, and pros and cons in one easy-to-read list.

Thanks! The list is headed to your inbox.

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